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Friday, March 28, 2008

How to win GM Mode in Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

I just won GM mode in Smackdown vs. Raw 2008! Here's how I did it:

Be Raw.

You're probably gonna think I'm crazy, but pick Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio. Sign them for a year. Then exit the draft.

Make one of them clean and one of them dirty, (Shawn Micheals is probably the better choice as a clean superstar).

Give one of them the WWE championship, and the other intercontiental.

Turn injuries off, and put it on legend difficulty. Put the card so it is on Re-Run .

Buy the storyline writers which have "undisputed champion", and "legend killer". Make a rivalry by one of these two, and make it for a PPV over 13 weeks away.

For RAW, have 5 big events. My 5 were:1st match: Intercontiental Championship (normal) 2nd Match: Ladder match 3rd match: TLC match 4th match: Hardcore match Main Event: Steel Cage WWE Championship. Simulate all these matches. You can have promos if you want. (Hint: If you run a Rivalry in palce of a match promo, a slander promotion promo, an interference promo, a rivalry attack promo, or an interview promo every week, you will win GM mode the day before Survivor Series. If you don't you'll win 2 weeks after Royal Rumble. And yes, you can win before Wrestlemania. Except it's not a ceremonie. Mcmahon just puls you aside and tells you he's going to give you the GM of the year award).

For the first few weeks have your day activites go Monday: RAW Tuesday: Shawn Michaels - Fan Favorite Training Wednesday: Rey Mysterio - Fan Heat Training Thursday: Shawn Michaels - Fan Favorite Training Friday: Rey Mysterio - Fan Heat Training

When both of the Fan Heat for Mysterio and Fan Favouite for Michaels reach 100%, do:

Monday: RAW, Tuesday: Shawn Michaels - Trophy Date, Wednesday: Rey Mysterio - Trophy Date, Thursday: Shawn Michaels - Trophy Date, Friday: Rey Mysterio - Trophy Date

At PPV's I set my matches like this:1st match: TLC match 2nd Match: Hardcore match 3rd match: Last Man Standing match 4th match: Intercontiental Championship - Ironman 20 minute Main Event: WWE championship - Hell In A Cell

Extra Notes:
You may start out slow, but it's all okay. If you run promos, you'll win the day before Survivor Series. If you don't, you'll win 2 weeks after Royal Rumble. September and the beginning of October are the worst, because you need 6 guys for Unforgiven's main event, and you don't have that, so you only have 3 matches at Unforgiven. That month is usually where Smackdown shines too. Tommy Dreamer also threatens you in emails ocassionally. They are quite funny, because he thinks ECW is the best, even though he is down by 4 million fans.


Ccdarkmaster said...

Thanks, that helped me alot. I completed the GM mode in just 2 days (real time)!!!

Dustinjm100 said...

After about 12 weeks the rivalry got thumbs down reactions and i started getting 4 star matches so is there anything I can do or did I do something wrong?

Elijah West Coast said...

Also,Its 3 week before Survivor Series and Im only at 16%

Will you tell all your freinds that are freinds that I am back to blogging?